DEMVOX™ Sound Isolation Booths are designed to control emissions of audio in general, greatly reducing any sound, achieving the professional isolation necessary to practice, study and record voices and musical instruments.

Thanks to DEMVOX™ Modular System (Configurable system pieces together) you will have the soundproof space that best suits your needs.

Demvox ™ is a registered trademark. Patents and Utility Models for all products.

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If you have the need to soundproof a room or studio and have had plans for acoustic refurbishment, here you have a more economical solution with all the benefits you need for any application:

Recording of musical instruments and voices.
Practice and study of music.
Audiovisual recording and editing (sound, video, cinema, tv...)
Music academies and institutions.
Sound & Audiovisual schools.
Rehearsal rooms.
R&D, Test sound, laboratories...


In this video you will see all the features, specifications and details of the soundproof booth ECO100. For more information, please visit our page with all the ECO models or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Control sound as you´ve always dreamed



ECO soundproof booths: Designed for the study and recording of voices and musical instruments, musical and audiovisual production, and generally any activity that is necessary to have an acoustically treated sound booth. They offer a unique design with configurable panels and supports that fit together to form your ideal studio, plus a range of accessories that allow you to optimize performance.

What is different about the "ECO models" compared to the "DV models"?
Thicker panels with lower density materials. Fewer panels, brackets and hinges - the panels themselves form the structure. It’s easier to install. The door is composed of the same material as the walls - two detachable parts for transport. Adjustable opening - door can be configured to open either way on installation. In regard to internal acoustic isolation, they operate similarly. The DV models use an acoustic membrane and internal platform that responds slightly better to impact noise.

Shared elements: Sealed “quick connect” cable outlet, outside soundproofed motor box for air circulation, interior lighting and 220V outlets, acoustic rubber matting.


DV soundproof booths: They are designed to significantly reduce any sound while achieving good acoustic response and professional isolation. Providing the optimal space to practice, study and record voices and musical instruments, for dubbing, sound checks and various audiovisual applications. They are also designed to control noise in residential, office and industrial use. The DV structural system is versatile and robust, with models suitable for most spaces and heights. With its double outside layer and floating structure, it is the most professional and reliable solution developed to meet the highest demands. Tested by customers in all sectors.

What is different about the "DV models" compared to the "ECO models"?
Higher density with reduced thickness - incorporates thinner bituminous acoustic membrane, The exterior support structure is independent of the panels - more parts and hardware. Installation is more difficult - usually done by our technicians. More versatile for interchanging pieces and in relation to measurements. Aluminium door frame and window frame. Door opens one way only. Possibility of having door completely glazed and the possibilty of a key lock (optional ECO). Exterior ventilation boxes, less buzz inside. Floating inside plywood 20mm. In regard to internal acoustic isolation, they operate similarly. Because of the acoustic membrane and internal platform, DV models behave a little better on impact noise.

Shared elements: Sealed “quick connect” cable outlet, outside soundproofed motor box for air circulation, interior lighting and 220V outlets, acoustic rubber matting.


AMP Boxes: They have been designed to meet the needs of recording the air of guitar amps. AMP models allow sufficient time for miking any combo amp on the market, even placing the microphone perpendicular to the speaker position. It has an internal floating base system that significantly reduces impact noise produced by low frequencies.


Volume test. We've recorded a video in which you can see and hear the in-situ from one of our models soundproof booths operation: the DV model. For the test has been used specifically the soundproof booth DV500-R (Reinforced), a video camera user type, and TYPE II sound level meter. Both audio and images are raw and after recording EDITION.


We offer customers the most practical and safe option for transportation and installation of the purchased product. Because some sound booth models have a precise fastening system, the DEMVOX™ Technical Service will be responsible for conducting this process only for the initial installation, by ensuring proper leveling of the ground and optimizing the fitting of all parts and panels.


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