The AMP soundproof enclosures have been designed to meet the needs of over-the-air recording of guitar amps and noise measurement or rehearsal of electronic devices and small speakers. AMP models allow enough space to place microphones on any combo amp on the market, even by placing the microphone perpendicular to the speaker. It has an interior floating panel system that significantly reduces impact noise produced by low frequencies.


808x660x678mm - 0,53m2
994x894x900*mm - 0,89m2
* The door stop protrudes 190mm from the top

• Prices without VAT. Prices do not include transportation or assembly


Fully removable to screws and metal bushings.
Upper door opening system, as a cover.
Interior floating panels.
Ventilation included as standard.
Quick opening watertight gate grommets.
Exterior covered in impact resistant felt.
Interior lined in felt and acoustic absorbent foam offering an excellent recording sound.

Standard Components

Multilayer Panels
Multi-layer panels and wood composites, insulation materials and absorbent materials covered in felt.
Wall and floor thickness: 93mm (20mm air chamber).
Door thickness: 75mm.
Largest piece / Floor and top door: 948x948x75mm
Top opening door. Composed of wood, insulating materials and absorbent materials covered in felt.
Silent Ventilation System
Compact silent ventilation system with high performance exhaust motor.
It consists of an extractor motor and two inlet and outlet ducts. Provides continuous air renewal avoiding possible overheating inside.
Foam fabric
It includes 2 panels of absorbent pyramidal foam (Foam) that can be removed and put according to the needs of absorption.
Velcro fastening.
Sealed cable outlet. Quick Connect.
Opening 80mm / up to 12 cables.
Pad base or rubber anti-vibration mounts.
Measurements: 100x100x10mm.
Handle / Handle
High resistance ergonomic handle.
300mm length to manipulate with both hands.

Optional Components

Tente wheels with rubber tread and brake.
€ 50 (5 wheels).


Soundproofing Data - AMP Models

Frequency (Hz) Dnt (dB)
100 21,4
125 24,2
160 21,8
200 20,1
250 30,1
315 31,6
400 32,0
500 43,1
630 47,4
800 48,8
1000 48,6
1250 55,8
1600 55,1
2000 54,7
2500 54,4
3150 58,1

Evaluation According to ISO 717-1:

Dntw (C; Ctr) = 40 dB (-3; -7) dB


Acoustic and Environmental Consulting

Photographs of the AMP Model Go to the extended gallery

  • Demvox_AMP (01)
  • Demvox_AMP (02)
  • Demvox_AMP (09)
  • Demvox_AMP (05)
  • Demvox_AMP (03)
  • Demvox_AMP (04)
  • Demvox_AMP (06)
  • Demvox_AMP (07)
  • Demvox_AMP (08)
  • Demvox_AMP (10)


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