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DEMVOX ™ DV portable cabinets have been designed to considerably reduce any type of sound, achieving professional acoustics and insulation. They provide the optimal space for the practice, study and recording of vocals and musical instruments, voice over, dubbing, sound tests and various audiovisual applications, as well as percussion instruments, acoustic drums, DJ's and in general low frequencies. They are also designed for noise control in homes, offices and industrial uses. The DV structural system is versatile and robust, with adaptable models for most spaces and heights. Thanks to its triple layer of internal, medium and external structure, it is the most professional and reliable solution developed to meet the highest demands. Tested by clients from all sectors.

DV Demvox Sound Isolation Booth


If you need to soundproof a room or study and you had plans to do an acoustic reform, you already have the most professional solution and economic and full of advantages for all types of applications:
Music recording and production.
Practice, rehearsals and study for musicians. Acoustic drums, percussion.
Audiovisual study music Academies, Schools and Sound.
On-line classes. 
Communication: telephone. private communications.
Radio broadcasting / Broadcasting.
Research & Development: university institutions, laboratories, industry ... 
Rooms equipped offices, servers ...

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Our R&D department is the soul of our company. There the real needs of our clients are contemplated, and it is where day by day, our products grow and improve their quality. Our fundamental points are quality and efficiency, applied together with the real possibilities of acquisition in the market. We guarantee 100% our products and we can be proud of the balance achieved in our cabins. The DV model is a professional, performance-ready cabin that delivers versatility like no other and maximum insulation.

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  • Demvox-Microfusa-DVmodels-12
  • Demvox-Alex-e-Isabel-DV623-1
  • Demvox-Microfusa-DVmodels-10
  • Demvox-calvo-1
  • Demvox-Erlantz-Eizmendi-DV780-2b
  • Demvox-Guillaume-Thiry-DV1684-1
  • Demvox-Microfusa-DVmodels-06
  • Demvox-Guillaume-Thiry-DV1684-2
  • Demvox-German-Ors-DV1092-1
  • Demvox-John-Moores-University-DV1560-1
  • Demvox-Lucas-Jimenez-DV468-5
  • Demvox-Christopher-Frahm-DV935-2
  • Demvox-German-Ors-DV1092-3
  • Demvox-Diego-Garcia-DV421-3
  • Demvox-Diego-Garcia-DV421-2
  • Demvox-Pepe-Rivero-DV935-4
  • Demvox-Erlantz-Eizmendi-DV780-1
  • Demvox-German-Ors-DV1092-2
  • Demvox-Erlantz-Eizmendi-DV780-2
  • Demvox-John-Moores-University-DV1560-3
  • Demvox-John-Moores-University-DV1560-2
  • Demvox-John-Moores-University-DV1560-4
  • Demvox-John-Moores-University-DV1560-5
  • Demvox-Peter-C-Swash-DV1164-3
  • DEMVOX-Les-Ateliers-de-la-Cote-4


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