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DV1819, DV1748, DV1456, DV312 Music Production, Professional Sound, ONLINE DJ
MICROFUSA Escuela Musical
"The Microfusa School in Madrid is very satisfied not only with the treatment of DEMVOX professionals during the installation and assembly management of our booths and school studios, but also with the result and finish of the same. The quality of the materials is excellent and the sound insulation obtained is very satisfactory considering the space we had for this project. DEMVOX as a company, provided us with a very professional service and we are very happy with the result in general. The cabins and studios have required little acoustic conditioning to meet our needs. "
Jonathan Espinosa. Microfusa Director Madrid.

INSTAGRAM @microfusa



ECO400 GAMING -Youtuber - Fortnite
"In my soundproof booth is where I do the magic, I make the videos, I make the direct ones ..."


Lolito Fortnite

Unicef ​​Time Machine

Special ECO100 UNICEF Time Machine Project
Participants in 'Time Machine' will enter a futuristic looking box that will ask them questions about their childhood:

«Depending on the answers, 'Time Machine' will generate a unique and personalized song for each of the participants, turning their memories into data which, in turn, will become sound. In addition, each song will be part of a commitment playlist (a playlist of engagement with children) that can be heard on the UNICEF Soundcloud channel. The responses of each participant will also be printed in the form of a contract that will be displayed in the same Hall of the United Nations headquarters »
WEB Domestic Data Streamers

Antonio Alfonso

DV144 Voice-Over
Antonio Alfonso Hernandez. Actor announcers and dubbing.
"The DV booth has been a very good investment. I use it for recording voice talent. documentaries, e-learning, corporate videos, spots, spots, etc.

I also use it to tutor and for voice dubbing."

Alfonso Antonio Hernández is a journalist with more than 15 years of experience in media, mainly radio and advertising. He's an announcer, presenter and producer of radio, television and theatre. He has worked for brands such as; Castrol, Publipunto, Brand, Localia, Carrefour, Orange, DGT, Movistar, PC City, etc. He is also a teacher and partner of "Two dubbing voices" where he teaches custom classes.

WEB www.antonioalfonso.es


ECO850 Sound Production. Dublin. Ireland.
“When we decided to build a second studio, we needed something affordable to facilitate our expansión, and Demvox provided exactly that. We wanted a booth that could be used for all types of recording, but we didn´t expect it to sound so good, especially on drums. The booth has really grown on our students and lecturers alike, and bands love it!”.

Colm Drennan
Studio Manager






ECO300 Books & Video. Cumbria. United Kingdom.
"In addition to publishing books, we record videos to teach people how to use PCs, iPads, and other tablets. We record without any background noise, such as general office noise, phones ringing in the background, or noise from our warehouse.

After a bit of research we bought an ECO300 from Demvox and it has solved the problem – we get nice clear sound quality without distracting background noise.  And as an unexpected bonus, whoever’s recording the video feels less self-conscious knowing no-one can hear while they’re recording.

At first I wasn’t sure how to go about ordering with Demvox being based in a different country but it all proved very straightforward".

Tim Wakeling.


BLOG http://helpfulbooks.co.uk/emailnewsletter/


ECO200 Sound Production. Madrid. Spain.
"After years dedicated to the world of voice-over, dubbing and audio postproduction, we begin a new journey with our sound producer Flycase Media. To do this, we fitted a new recording studio and we have the Demvox ECO200 soundproof booth for our voice recordings, a success."


LINKEDIN https://www.linkedin.com/company/flycase-media
VIMEO https://vimeo.com/flycasemedia

Ana Viñuela

ECO100 Locution. Gijón. Spain.
Ana Viñuela. Singer professional announcer.
"I'm Ana Viñuela, professional singer and radio announcer. I've been working with my voice as a freelancer, and always had the handicap of audio quality (reverbs, external noise (street or neighbors) that slip into the microphone, etc.).

Since using the cabin for my locutions Demvox ECO100 I get a much more professional jobs. The quality offered has nothing to envy any professional studio, is more, it is a professional studio !. My customers are more satisfied and have increased significantly the number of brands they trust my work.

I recorded for spots on national television, with Atresmedia, I recorded voiceovers for brands such as BMW, General Electrics or the Administration of the Government of Spain, as well as foreign companies seeking voices for their Apps Mobile, switchboards or courses e- learning.

In addition, I was myself who rode the cab and I have to say that, with a little help, it is very easy and quick to build anywhere in your home or office.

I definitely recommend the cabin Demvox ECO100 to anyone who is thinking of offering a more quality in your recordings.

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/anavinuela
TWITTER https://twitter.com/ana_vinuela
LINKEDIN https://es.linkedin.com/in/avlocucionprofesional

Mike Baldwin

Mike Baldwin - ECO200 Sound Isolation Booth
Mike Baldwin - ECO200 Sound Isolation Booth
ECO200 Rehearsal and Music production. Vitoria. Spain.
Mike Baldwin. Musician.
I am a process engineer by profession, and after a longbreak, also a late-blooming apprentice jazz saxophonist. I also play funk and rock, using a wide paint-stripping mouthpiece.
My day job plus family commitments mean that I generally  practice from 10pm onwards. Previous to installation of my ECO200 booth, I used to have to play at a low volume, halfway inside a wardrobe in the garage in order to avoid waking my  family or annoying the neighbours, hardly the best way to play. I considered all manufacturers (also designing and building it myself, but I did not have a month of Sundays to do it), and finally chose Demvox on quality, price and short delivery time.
Having the booth is wonderful, I can play at full volume at night and not annoy anyone but myself! I can develop my tone and practice difficult stuff,  knowing that no-one can hear me, and therefore avoiding evaluation apprehension. 

Marc Trueba

1 cabin
Control 1
2 cabin
DV520 Musical production. Barcelona. Spain.
Marc Trueba. Musical production.
"Thanks to the cabin I record bands in the garage of a house paired without disturbing the neighbors. I Grabo rock bands, punk-rock with high sound pressure and no problem. I have the car in the garage and control on the third floor , which allows me to enjoy a great home studio ".


Nick Slash

DV500 Electronic music production. Madrid. Spain.
Nick Slash. Deejay & Producer.
"I'm a Deejay and producer of electronic music since 1996, and use the booth to spin records as well as to record vocals and instruments. I do Livestream sessions from within. And what I do most, of course, is to produce. I’m sure to invest between a half and 3 hours daily in the evenings, and at weekends longer hours. Currently I have several projects to produce electronic music, which I hope to finish soon.
I am delighted with the Demvox booth. Since I started working with it, it has completely changed the way I like to work. I consider it one of the best ways to work in a completely professional environment, in my own way, in my own home.
I have spent about 17 years working with electronic music at home, and I've always had problems with vibrations, as I work with very low frequencies (40 Hzs). In the end, what impacts these problems is that you are really limited, when working with these frequencies. So you don’t work well at home because you don’t want to disturb the neighbours.
Since I’ve had the booth, I have not had a single problem. Indeed, for peace of mind, I asked my surrounding neighbors, and they have heard absolutely nothing. Another advantage is that by not having external noise entering inside the booth, my attention span becomes much greater, obtaining better results in my work."



DV421 Electronic music production. Berlin. Germany.
Novo-music. Label. 
"My work focuses on the production, especially the production of electronic music.
Composition, recording, mixing etc ... What I was looking for was to be able to work with sound pressures and high volumes without disturbing anyone. Moreover, the acoustically treated interior helps me to have a good reference. I am very happy with it and I have easily created my little production / recording space without having to invest in building an internal structure to condition and acoustically isolate with all the expense that infrastructure entails. All in my own home. "


Juan SA Singer Soziedad Alkoholika

Juan SA Soziedad Alkoholika Demvox
ECO100 Rehearsal and Music production. Vitoria. Spain.
Juan SA Singer Soziedad Alkoholika.
"A real discovery for me Demvox soundproof booths, I can not be happier with it. Power rehearsing, recording and paste cries testing freely and without anyone thinking that there is a nutter in the house next door is a joy . They are a helluva invention for any musician who wants to rock at any time and Curran well at ease at home. "



DV562 DV1871 Education, production and testing. Ansoain. Spain.
Musiktem. School of modern music.
"Each class is a Demvox designed soundproof booth, made and prepared especially for performance and recording." made and prepared especially for the performance and recording. "

WEB Musiktem


ECO400 ECO850 Education, production and testing. Castellón. Spain.
Mondo Ritmic. Escola professional music.
"The DEMVOX booths provide both an acoustic treatment as well as isolation; comfort inside and tranquility outside. Perfect for practice and safe when you don’t want to produce noise nuisance for the neighbors. Ideal for our activities (individual lessons, groups and ON LINE teaching). Thanks to Daniel, Dario, Julian and all the team at DEMVOX for their support and advice they have given us.
Mondo Ritmic is now a much better school."

Jesus Gallardo Director of Mondo Ritmic
WEB MondoRitmic


Xevi Matamala

DV568 Practice and music production.
Xevi Matamala. Professional musician.
"I wish I had bought this booth earlier! I think it's one of the best investments I’ve made as a musician.

I'm a drummer and from the age of 15 years old I've been playing locally. I live in Barcelona and rentals of premises are very high, so it is necessary to share premises with all that this implies. In addition they are often outside or in neighborhoods far from the centre of town, which requires taking the metro and wasting time and money on travel.

Now I have it installed on the floor where I live and it's a great booth, I have much more time and I have no problem with the neighbors. I always play at reasonable times, but I can even play at night with brushes and nobody has ever complained. I use it to study, to rehearse with jazz trios and some more pop (guitar, bass and drums or guitar, keyboard and drums) groups. I can also make some recordings, as the acoustics are very good."

Xevi Matamala has a diploma in Teaching Music Education from l'UAB, a BA in Jazz and Modern Music with drums as speciality from l'ESMUC and is currently pursuing a Masters in Musicology, Music Education and Interpretation of Early Music at l ' UAB.

As a performer he has participated in various projects of jazz and rock, performing at the Festival de Jazz de Barcelona, Girona, Figueres, Vic and Granollers, at Popkomm in Berlin i SXSW Austin (Texas), in the Auditorium of Barcelona Kursaal of Manresa, Vic l'Antàrtida in Razzmatazz, on the main stage of the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic in Camping l'Jove, the Senglar Rock, in the jazz program at l'TV3 studio, etc

He has released 10 discs, seven through major record companies and three self-released recordings. He has also published a disc accompanying editorial publishing a story format cantata, The nen enamorat of lluna, where he composed all the music.
WEB Xevi Matamala

IN Zalacain

ECO1100 ECO300 ECO300 Venues
IN Zalacain. Space for social events and fine dining.
New models of booths installed in Demvox "IN Zalacain" (Madrid) to cover social events and business presentations nationally and internationally. IN Zalacain is the spectacular space that Zalacain has on the farm, one of the most exclusive areas of Madrid and is considered one of the best places to organize any business, professional or private celebration.
The wide experience of the management team comprised of Carmelo Pérez and Eduardo de la Calle means that perfect coordination has been acheived for the success in all aspects of each event that IN Zalacain has organized in the last 10 years. That’s a fact!
IN Zalacain is one of the most exclusive places in Madrid with modern facilities surrounded by modern art and fully adaptable to the needs of each client. It’s where all kinds of events and social events for major Spanish corporations, personalities, businessmen, politicians and celebrities, among others, are held. And where you will find the perfect combination of the finest cuisine and the best service.

in Zalacain

Gabriel in April

DV562ECO110 musical recording
Gabriel Abril. Producer. Musician.
"The Demvox booths are the solution to having a studio at home. Not only because of the sound that can be generated with a recording from the inside, but also by external noise, which can easily seep into microphones if the insulation is not good. In that respect I could not be happier with the booths.

I'm currently using two; one ECO110 for recording vocals, acoustic guitars and percussion and a DV562 for the control room. In the latter, the door is glass, making it much spacier. So when you spend many hours in the studio mixing, it is one more advantage, as it allows natural light without losing soundproofing. To communicate, the windows on both booths are at the same height and the cable outlets for microphones were lined up. Another question I had was whether the sound in the control room would be correct at the time of mixing. In that respect the outcome is remarkable, everything inside is lined with sound absorbing material and is faithful to what comes out of the mix. From the outside, and with a fairly high volume, just a distant murmur, which could be within earshot of any neighbour, is heard.

Recording equipment is mounted on two racks of 16 units, making it easy to transport all the equipment quickly. For me, who’s had various studio locations, this was another premise, to be able to move around easily and return to a session without losing the sound that you're already used to after hours of work. If we add the availability of technicians Demvox, to facilitate assembly and disassembly of the booths, the decision to buy Demvox has been proven a wise choice."

Gabriel Abril is a musician and producer. He has played in groups like Last Resort, Sin Remedio and Overturn. He has recorded three solo albums "The Spell Of Habit" (Nena Records / EMI, 2001), "Five Minutes Before The End Of The World" (Tremolo Recordings, 2006) and "A Lion In The Garage" (Tremolo Recordings, 2008 ). As a musician he has recorded songs for advertising, and toured with The Hotel Cochambre Band with which recorded the DVD "Hotel, Sweet Hotel" based on the work of Joaquin Sabina. He produced The Incredible Shrinking Man, with which he conducts the tour "Shouting". He also co-produced the first album Fireman Montag. He has recorded guitars and mandolins on the album "When The Devil Sings" (EMI, 2011) Ramoncín. He also acts as a music journalist for the magazine This Is Rock and has written a book containing all the live albums ever recorded in Spain since 1964 until now, published by Millennium.
WEB Gabriel in April


ECO110 Post-production Creative Studio
CustomeFX Madrid · Barcelona · Los Angeles
ECO110 booth for CustomFX creative studio. Design, Production, compositing, editing, sound design ..
WEB CustomeFX

Miguel A. Benito

Miguel Benito dv935
Miguel Benito dv935
Miguel Benito dv935
Miguel Benito dv935
Miguel Benito dv935
DV333 Practice room, Rehearsal and Music production.
Miguel A. Benito. Drums and percussion.
"I am very pleased with the booth, I have installed it on the third floor of a building in the center of Madrid, near Atocha and I have not had any problems of noise with the neighbors, I've even made some trials with more musicians in the house and all ok, no one has said anything to me, I asked my next door neighbour and they told me that they can hear absolutely nothing.
They put special underlay and good floor mounts and there are no neighbors above... I have not had any complaints.
I've installed it in a small room and when I close the door of the room well, it is not heard in other rooms so I can work and study without disturbing anyone.
External noises do not enter, in fact I can’t hear knocking on the door, or the intercom, lol, I’m gonna have to devise some system or ring light, because I get into my insulated booth and I do not hear anything.
I use it mainly to study and prepare repertoire, I am a professional musician and work a lot in different situations, I travel a lot so having it at home is perfect to get more time, because every week I have a different schedule and other free time.
In Madrid you can lose a lot of time trying to park. Rehearsals, if you have a fixed group like myself, can be quite expensive, which is why for me this is the best investment...
I also use it as a laboratory for testing ideas, or different sound sets, I've had some band rehearsals and I plan to make it bigger soon to rehearse with bigger bands.
I also use it to teach at home and I'm thinking about doing online classes very soon.
The truth is that I spend nearly all day at home in it and I use it with good musical equipment."

Biography Miguel A. Benito.
Born in Burgos Miguel began playing classical percussion at 14 and drumming at 17. He began playing professionally in different groups; rock, blues, orchestras, etc. At 17 he established himself in Madrid where he currently resides. He got a BA in Jazz from the conservatoire of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and a year "Performance Studies" scholarship from Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has studied privately with drummer Dan Weiss, Martin Andersen, Arturo Garcia, Carlos Carli, Peter Erskine, etc and also Tabla Hindu with Nanta Kumar in Madrid. He has participated in numerous projects of all kinds of music, from touring with the legendary Chicago Blues Eddie C. Campbell, performances in musicals with the company Cre-art. He has accompanied many jazz musicians including: Abdu Salim, Dan Rochlis Carlos Barreto, Vocalesse, Tony Heymer, Federico Lechner, Concha Buika, Ximo Tebar, Ester Andujar, Roman Filiu, Israel Sandoval, Toño Miguel, Borja Barrueta, Manuel Machado, Jerry Gonzalez, Antonio Serrano, Ariel Bringuez, Yaniv Nactchum, Cesar Latorre Doug Murro, Bobby Martinez, Paul Martin, Horacio Icasto, Miguel Blanco, Doug Munro, José Manuel Illera, Andre Matos, Miguel Fernandez, Demian Cabaud, Leo Genovese, Chema Sainz, Daniel Yakaré, Martin Leiton, Walter Beltrami, Victor Correa, Andy chango, Juan Galiardo, Guianni Gagliardi, David Gonzalez, Natalia Calderon, Nicole Henrry, Peter Weaver, Yelsy Heredia, Pepe Rivero, Toni Mora, Albert Vila, Vistel Brothers, Yul Ballesteros among others. He also participates in several projects of original music with guitarist Marcos Collado, the Argentine guitarist Hernan Hock, Basque bassist Ander Garcia with whom he has recently recorded for Errabal, the swing and blues group Gatos Bizcos and Toni Mora Trio, etc. .

Miguel Benito Music

Luis J. Fuentes

DV216 Faculty of Psychology.
Luis J. Fuentes. Professor of Psychology at the University of Murcia.
"When doing research in the field of Experimental Psychology it is essential to have a soundproof enough space so the participants in the experiments we conduct can perform the experimental task without any distracting elements that may affect the results. This requirement can be achieved with sufficient guarantees using the prefabricated booths in the photos. First, the participant enters the booth and the person overseeing the experiment gives the appropriate instructions. Then the door of the soundproof booth is closed. In this way, the participant can perform the experimental task that will require answers with their right hand on the keyboard of the computer, verbally or through a built-in microphone, giving answers efficiently and without distraction. The results, once analyzed may be communicated to the scientific community in the form of a presentation at scientific meetings or through articles published in scientific journals. "

University of Murcia

Xabier Olkotz

ECO300 Practice room, rehearsals and Music Production
Xabier Olkotz (Txaflis). Professional musician.
"The new ECO booth is the best investment I've made in my life. It lets me practice with the drums or with any percussion instrument without limitations, I have it placed in a local shopping center, located on the second floor, it is surrounded by other shops and I have not received any complaints. I added a stage to avoid impact noise because I have a clothing store just below, and the result is perfect. The soundproofing is perfect and the interior acoustics allow me to record with excellent results. It has become a key player giving my private drum lessons. I would also say that the Demvox team has given me a great deal and they have proven to be a as professional as the crown of a pine . Thank you for everything Dani and Dario".

Xabier Olkotz is in his final year of a professional degree in percussion, which he was awarded during the 2011 and 2012 courses with the Bilaketa scholarship. This year he will take the entrance exams for undergraduate jazz drummer in different conservatories. He currently plays in the Edelweiss orchestra and the Txaranga Malatxo. He has also been part of the popular txaranga The Tireless. He also teaches at various music schools, as well as giving individual lessons.

Edelweiss Orchestra:
VIDEOS Tireless Txaranga:
VIDEOS Txaranga Malatxo:
VIDEOS Introduction to Jazz professional conservatory Pablo Sarasate:
PHOTOS http://javierzubiri.blogspot.com.es

Raquel Rodriguez

ECO110 Voice-Over
Raquel Rodriguez. Zenit audiovisual production Multimedia SL.
"We needed to start a small soundproofed space to make periodic phrases, but not enough to be lined with acoustic foam space, so we decided to put a Demvox booth to minimize the noise around us. After installing it in a very small space, we can perform voice-overs freely, even with noises of our office. "

Multimedia Zenit are a team of professionals in the field of communication, design, audiovisual and multimedia production and development of applications, who specialize in communication projects. From paper to iPad, from the screen to the mobile, we transform your ideas in communication projects, training or outreach projects.

FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/zenitmultimediasl
VIMEO www.vimeo.com/zenitmultimedia

Javier Ramallo

DV130 Voice-Over
Javier Ramallo. Canal Extremadura TV / SOUND.

"These boothss have proved us a very suitable solution. From quick and easy installation, adequate size and sufficient capacities for proper acoustic recording of voice-overs for all of our content. The booths are located in the middle of the editorial department in a strategic position for use by all the writers and editors who need it. The average usage is 700 phrases per month.

They are equipped with the technology needed for them to be used independently by the editors using a touch screen to proceed with the recording easily, and likewise can serve for assisted recordings since both have a foldback mixer that enables communication with the announcer from different parts of the infrastructure, from the sound control to the various rooms of EDNL and POST-PRO.

All audio recorded in the booth undergoes a process of self-levelling based on sound (EBU R128). "

Canal Extremadura is the regional TV community channel of Extremadura. It is a young television channel as it has only been going for 7 years. The headquarters is located in Merida where, among other things, all news programs are produced.

WEB tv.canalextremadura.es

Daniel Prados

ECO110 Audiovisual production
Daniel Prados. audiovisual producer, DG Audiovisual Productions.
"We use the ECO110 model for recording vocals on songs, acoustic instruments, electric guitars and to dub video. We get really good results because we can record voices and very defined instruments with little background noise. We can use amplification without disturbing neighbours too as we are in a block of flats without receiving any complaints.

Our spirit is to offer well made productions to all those who cannot afford to get into a great professional recording studio to record a great album, make a music video, TV commercial, or dubbing of films with great economic cost. We also offer other options like videotape multi-format concerts, theatrical performances and ultimately anything we are capable of."

DG Produccions Audiovisuals, is a small producer of audio / video located in Manresa, Barcelona.

WEB www.facebook.com/dgproduccionsaudiovisuals

Asier Gonzalez

ECO495 Audiovisual production
Asier Gonzalez. Music producer and audio engineer, Bikain Music.
"We wanted a soundproof booth that did not require building works, ground anchors or walls and opted for Demvox booths specially designed for audio recording. The main use we give to the booth is advertising for recording audio. The treatment and care team Demvox team has given is exceptional."

Bikain Music company specializes in audio post-production for audiovisual products: dubbing, voice-overs, music content production, editing and mastering in stereo and surround, as well as creating room effects (Foley).

WEB www.bikainmusic.com

David Navarro

DV333 Audiovisual production
David Navarro. Bassmusic.
"The Demvox booth is used for recording acoustic instruments and vocals of course. We get excellent insulation and a very good quality environment."

Bassmusic is a studio devoted primarily to composing music for commercials, film and television. We also do sound for commercials and music editing for television.

WEB www.bassmusic.es

Juan Guevara

AMP36 Musical production

Juan Guevara. Professional musician.
"Demvox amp model has allowed me to work at home from a distance without disturbing the neighbors, and obtaining an awesome result. It’s so easy to assemble / disassemble, that I use it in some concerts with a symphony orchestra and nobody has complained about the volume of the guitar. Obviously it is used “in ear”, but I could get the most performance out of the amplifier. The people of Demvox served my needs from the very beginning, my amp model is more compact, and I bought it with the intention of putting only the speaker in place and have access to the amplifier(s) without having to open and close it whenever I wanted to "fiddle" with the amp."

Juan Guevara (Bogota-Colombia). Guitarist and producer, has worked as a session guitarist for artists and groups such as Sergio Dalma, Luis Fonsi, Raphael, Juanes, Paulina Rubio, David Bisbal, Merche, Broken Toys, Abraham Mateo, Gemma Sanz, Brito, disney Camp Rock .. . As a music producer, in recent months, he has recorded and produced albums for Luis Ramiro, Chloe, Ele eme ... Live he has worked with groups and artists such as Luis Ramiro, The Cricket, Lorca, Sergio Rivero, Galadriel, Boudet, Nestor Feijoo, Lucia Caramés, Julio José Iglesias ... He’s just finished an extensive tour (110 concerts in 15 countries) for a triple disc featuring Raphael "I will carry in my heart", in which he had the opportunity to play in such emblematic sites including Madison Square Garden in New York, the Moscow Kremlin theater and the auditorium in México City. In the coming months he will record a live DVD at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid, presenting the new Raphael album , for which he will start a tour that will last until mid-2013.

WEB http://juanguevaraguitar.wordpress.com/

Álvaro del Pozo

ECO110 Musical production

Alvaro del Pozo. Professional musician.
"Presidio is an original band from Valladolid. While I was in Madrid it seemed expensive and boring to rehearse together. So the most efficient alternative was for each of us to practice separately and then get together from time to time for rehearsals. And it went well! I had two options; sing until the police interrupted me or put myself in a closet. The solution was more simple than that! I could make professional recordings for other projects without my wife kicking me out of the house!..."

Alvaro del Pozo, Lucius. started in Stone Age Society doing stoner rock in English, versions of Kyuss, Spiritual Beggars, The Clutch and original songs.

Later, Presidio looked for a new singer to urgently come into production ipso facto and New Life studios gave the nod, after listening to the demo with the Stone Age Society. Once in contact with the band, he entered New Life studios to record the second album Presidio: The age of the slaves. And later, he participated in a series of concerts to present the disk in Leon, Valladolid and Madrid, among other Spanish cities.

Currently he combines concerts with the creation of their next album, which seems much more brutal and forceful.

WEB www.presidiorock.es

Eduardo Escobar

AMP56 Musical production
Eduardo Escobar. Professional musician.
"The Demvox booth is the perfect solution for getting the best sound from your amp without having to do building work, that is, if it is a real Home Studio. I leave my 2x12 monitor George inside the booth with all the mics I want (dynamic, condenser, ribbon) and get the same sound recording of any professional studio. "

Eduardo Escobar started playing guitar at 12 years old; he has learmt from teachers such as José de Castro "Jopi" Richie Garcia and Javier Sanchez and Sacri Delfino. He has received master classes, clinics, seminars, training courses and other combos from musicians and artists like Jopi, Francisco Simon, Scott Henderson, Steve Morse, Carl Verheyen, Nathan East, Ludovico Bagnone, Diego Garcia, etc. His teaching experience is extensive, being a teacher at various institutions around the community of Madrid. Eduardo has worked with a number of bands and artists such as In-Fusion, In-Side-Out, Blue Point Orchestra, Alchemy Orchestra, Orchestra Bailem, Levisstraus, Takers, Fito and You, Folsom Prison.

He has participated as a live guitarist for people like Modesty Aside, Despistaos, Wizard of Oz, Taxi, Total Loss, Maria Bestar, Lady and Edurne.

Currently he is working on his first instrumental album while teaching at the Ritmo y Compas school of music.

Endorser of George Tube Amps, Carl Martin Effects, George L's cables, Evidence Audio Cables, Pedaltrain and GB Pickups.

WEB www.eduardoescobar.com

Francisco Fuentes

DV144 Music
Francisco Fuentes. amateur musician.

"When I first started I played the saxophone as solace, since I was going through a difficult personal time. I still remember the day my neighbors across the street knocked on the door asking me to limit my hours of study to 3 hours a day, when at that time playing was like a medicine I needed.

I began to feel embarrassed, playing without the expression that such an instrument requires, limited in time and deeply discouraged. I tried homemade and professional mutes of all kinds without the desired result, either because they were not effective or because they were terribly uncomfortable to use. Then one day, searching the internet, I discovered quality Demvox soundproof booths.

The investment was worth it because from that day on I can blow for hours playing for pleasure, studying, interpreting songs or recording as I would in any other music studio."

Francisco Fuentes has been playing the saxophone for 3 years. He started playing the clarinet, but later switched to the saxophone, and later first high tenor.

Juan Carlos Cárdenas

AMP56 Musical production
Juan Carlos Cardenas. Professional musician.

"I use the Demvox AMP56 box for guitar recording sessions and even to practice getting the best sound out of my amplifiers, monitoring by listening through monitors and / or headphones.

I use it in my productions in my studio.it fits both a 1x12 speaker as well as 2x12 or 2x10. There is room for miking perfectly with two microphones, thanks to its ventilation system. Silent and no problem to use a valve Combo.

With the Demvox I have the ability to record guitars on a professional level and get the most out of my amps, since you can put a lot of volume, squeezing the valves well in the power stages and obtaining the same quality sound in a fishbowl as you would in a recording studio but without disturbing your neighbors.

I am very happy with this amp box, because when a group or artist wants to do guitar recording sessions for their demo or album I can do it without the need to go to a recording studio, resulting in takes of the highest professional quality "

Juan Carlos Cardenas is a guitarist with extensive professional experience. He has over 10 years recording and playing experience live with various artists, as well as giving classes of electric and acoustic guitar and modern harmony. He is currently the guitarist of Magnetic and an official Endorser of George Tube Amps, RocknRiff Electronic Solutions, Pedaltrain and George L's Cables

WEB www.cardenasguitar.com

Juan Diego Martín

DV208 Voice-Over
Juan Diego Martin. Director General Fonetic.
"One of the services we offer in the marketplace is the design and implementation of automated telephone services to our customers, allowing significant savings in the care of low value-added tasks.

To make this work, we needed an environment with good acoustic properties and soundproof quality, and after using spaces specially built without obtaining the desired results, due to a move, we decided to acquire a Demvox booth which meets our needs and cost less than the traditional price of building works.

We use the booth every day to record phrases for our customers achieving a very good result: Telefonica, Iberdrola, Vodafone, Endesa, Sanitas, Mapfre, Adeslas, Hotline, etc."

Fonetic specializes in helping companies and institutions to better know and understand their customer’s company. Their motto is: decode the behavior of customers, measure their impact on business and recommend how to proceed. They collect, analyze and improve interactions between companies and their customers. Interactions take place in different ways, some through the Contact Center (especially in calls, but also e-mails, chat, etc.) and others, increasingly, via the Internet and social networks. To assess the impact on the business and be able to make recommendations having great experience in key business processes (sales, loyalty and retention, claims management, etc.) in sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications and Utilities. They are leaders in the Spanish market and are also present in Latin America, through its international subsidiary.

WEB www.fonetic.es

Javier Arpa

AMP56 Musical production
Javier Arpa. Professional musician.
"I am very happy with the results that gives the AMP56, it is the perfect solution! I can make professional recordings in my house without disturbing my neighbors ... use tube combos (30W, 60W, 100W) at the volume they need for optimal performance, as if in a studio room and the sound is perfect !!!!

The result is truly impressive. "

Javier Arpa studied guitar and harmony with teachers Javier Sanchez, Jose de Castro (Jopi) and Israel Sandoval. As a live musician he has worked with artists as Chenoa, Melendi, Modesty Aside, Lydia (The Presets), Alejandra Botto, Odin, Coyote Dax, Gospel Factory, Ricardo Igea, collaborations with Antonio Vega, Dylan Ferro (Melon Diesel, Taxi) Manuel Spain (La Guardia), and etc.

In the studio he has recorded for Sergio Dalma, Idol, Song of Lorca, Soul Club, Er Nacho, Felix Rua, different commercials, titles for A3 TV. He was producer and arranger of the latest studio work of Modesty Aside.

With 10 years experience of giving private clases at Ritmo y Compas and Kla-b3, he is currently working on his own instrumental project, with drummer José Carriazo and bassist Daniel Moreno while he combines other work for different artists.

WEB Canal Youtube Javier Arpa

Roberto Cuadrado

Demvox_ECO_Roberto Cuadrado_2
Demvox_ECO_Roberto Cuadrado_1
Demvox_ECO_Roberto Cuadrado_3
ECO110 Voice-Over
Roberto Cuadrado. Actor announcers and dubbing.

"I use my Demvox booth for everything related to the voice. Voice-over, advertising, documentaries, dubbing, etc. The ECO110 is very accomplished, note the interesting engineering work for its modular and portable booth with a window that provides comfort and light when spaces to record in studios are normally small and dark places. The sound-proofing is adequate to do a professional job. This booth model is perfect for speakers for its internal dimension. "

Roberto Cuadrado has 10 years performing Spanish dubbing, voice-overs and commercials. He is president of Rcaudioloc SL, assures quality, professionalism and agility in the work of dubbing and voice-overs. As well as offering the best market price and service. Roberto Square, Dubbing Spanish specialist, has dubbed important documentaries like "The Last Days in the Life of Michael Jackson" FOUR chain, "Twin Towers" for La2. "March 11" for Telemadrid, and countless television documentaries for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, History Channel...

WEB www.robertocuadrado.com

Marta Manzano

DV144 Voice-Over
Marta Manzano. Tesseo Media Manager.
"Our DV booth meets the needs of our works of visual communication. Its main function is to do voice-overs in video-output, video-communications, video-viral, audiovisual reports, news items, etc.

We use the booth booth frequently and it offers a perfect space to deliver quality services."

Tesseo is formed by a team of professionals with over fifteen years experience in the world of television and communication formats and multidisciplinary themes. Tesseo specializes in audiovisual communication agency. It offers its customers a wide range of services with a dual purpose: to make them more visible and respond to their needs, because to be believed to be seen.

WEB www.tesseo.com

Ariel Bringuez

ECO233 Practice and Music Production
Ariel Bringuez. Professional musician.
"This booth is my ship, the space where I can work my ideas and encourage creativity. It gives you freedom to express yourself and study the psychological factor again. It is essential to play without the fear of disturbing the neighbors. Inside, I have . a computer with speakers and a piano that allows me to multitask. I play and study various instruments, tenor and soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet and piano.

Currently, I'm using the ECO233 booth for the mixing and mastering my last album called 'Experience' ".

Ariel Bringuez, currently resides in Madrid and is a saxophonist, composer and arranger. In 2004 and 2005 he won first prize at the International Competition Jojazz in the category of performance and composition respectively. In 2007 he recorded his first album "Roots in Colors" which hit stores under the label Colibri. He has collaborated on albums like: Total discharge - Orlando Valle Maraca, Tremendous rumba - Orlando Valle Maraca, My feeling - Sixth Sense, The train of moments - Alejandro Sanz, Trapiche - Alejandro Vargas, A Journal - Telmary, Revoluxion - X Alfonso, composer of the soundtrack for the film Habana Blues, among others. And he has played with musicians such as Tata Guines, Changuito Quintanta, Andy Narell, Simply Red, X Alfonso, Synthesis, Interactive, Roman Filiú, Roberto Occhipinti, Hilario Duran, Chucho Valdes, among many others. He is currently in the process of recording his next album "Experience".

MYSPACE www.myspace.com/arielbringuez

FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/ariel.bringuezruiz

Mónica González Feijoo

ECO110 Voice-Over
Monica González Feijoo. Director of Nursing TV.
"To create our audiovisual content, we use a Demvox ECO110 booth. We do voice-overs for news and other programs. Previously, we worked in a room where the conditions were not optimal for recording quality.

The booth gives us a pure and clean result using a directional microphone. No noise seeps when compressing and mastering, providing a good acoustic result."

Nursing TV is broadcast via the Internet, in order to reach all nurses’ audiences with attractive content and a philosophy of rigor, plurality and diversity. Nurse TV provides a large block of content to spread advice, recommendations and health care for health carers, led by nurses.

WEB http://www.enfermeriatv.es

Diego Hernando

DV520 Practice room, rehearsals and Music Production
Diego Hernando. Professional musician.

"Thanks to my Demvox booth I can study daily and give drum lessons in my own home. I usually start playing at 9 or 10 in the morning and the latest I usually stay is until 23pm. In my home, I have neighbors above and to the sides, and I have never received complaints about noise. The musical styles I practice are Jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop. This booth is a great solution to the problem we drummers have, you always depend on having a venue and that entails having to pay a monthly fee and having to go back and forth every time you have a concert. Now, I can play when and how I want. "

Diego Hernando has played with great figures such as Norman Hogue, Cheryl Walters, Antonio Ximénez, Rubén Andreu, Santi Cañada, Marta Sánchez, Francisco López "Loque", Héctor Oliveira, Toño Miguel, Marcos Collado, Yull Ballesteros, Ander García, Roberto Pacheco, Tomás Merlo, Nacho Pérez, Pablo Gutiérrez, the English pianist David Frankel or the singers Ángela Cervantes, Cecilia Krull and Yoio Cuesta. He has been part of different jazz projects with which he has played within the Cajastur Jazz Cycle, IIº Jazz Cycle of the University of Burgos (UBUJAZZ), San Sebastián Jazz Festival (Jazzaldia), Bueño International Jazz Festival ( Asturias), XVII Madrid Jazz Festival, XIV Toledo Jazz Festival. At present you teach classes exclusively at a private level, after being a teacher of drums and modern ensemble at the Ritmo & Compás school during the years 2009-2011.

WEB www.diegohernando.com

Rosa Quintana

ECO110 Voice-Over
Rosa Quintana. TV presenter
"I purchased a ECO110 booth a year ago. Part of my job is to do voice-over for videos, radio spots, television spots, documentaries and online training. In the ECO110 I could install all the equipment I need and the result is very good, no noise or interference. I recommend it. "

Rosa Quintana is a presenter at 13 TV, Imagen De Truvia and Securitas Direct. She’s the voice of ads for El Corte Ingles, announcer in COPE; she also teaches to help the public lose their fear of speaking and help entrepreneurs to set up shop.

WEB http://www.rosaquintana.com
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/rosaquintanahabilidadesdecomunicacion

Iker Uriarte

DV500 Practice room, rehearsals and Music Production
Iker Uriarte. Musician Betagarri and others.
"The DV500 booth is the dream that every drummer has. In it I play drums and piano and up to now I have not received any complaints from neighbours. I can practice at reasonable times. I live on the second floor and with the extra platform that Dario, Ruben and Dani installed, I have not received any complaints from any neighbour.

Iker Uriarte is a graduate jazz drummer at Musikene. He currently plays with Betagarri, Deuh'Nih Doh and Antton Aranburu and he teaches at the Music Schools and Ordizia Legazpi as well as individual classes.

WEB www.betagarri.com

Omar Acosta

ECO110 Practice room, rehearsals and Music Production
Omar Acosta. Flutist and composer.

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/omaracostaflauta

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