Luis J. Fuentes

DV216 Faculty of Psychology.
Luis J. Fuentes. Professor of Psychology at the University of Murcia.
"When doing research in the field of Experimental Psychology it is essential to have a soundproof enough space so the participants in the experiments we conduct can perform the experimental task without any distracting elements that may affect the results. This requirement can be achieved with sufficient guarantees using the prefabricated booths in the photos. First, the participant enters the booth and the person overseeing the experiment gives the appropriate instructions. Then the door of the soundproof booth is closed. In this way, the participant can perform the experimental task that will require answers with their right hand on the keyboard of the computer, verbally or through a built-in microphone, giving answers efficiently and without distraction. The results, once analyzed may be communicated to the scientific community in the form of a presentation at scientific meetings or through articles published in scientific journals. "

University of Murcia

Soundproof Booths

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