Miguel A. Benito

Miguel Benito dv935
Miguel Benito dv935
Miguel Benito dv935
Miguel Benito dv935
Miguel Benito dv935
DV333 Practice room, Rehearsal and Music production.
Miguel A. Benito. Drums and percussion.
"I am very pleased with the booth, I have installed it on the third floor of a building in the center of Madrid, near Atocha and I have not had any problems of noise with the neighbors, I've even made some trials with more musicians in the house and all ok, no one has said anything to me, I asked my next door neighbour and they told me that they can hear absolutely nothing.
They put special underlay and good floor mounts and there are no neighbors above... I have not had any complaints.
I've installed it in a small room and when I close the door of the room well, it is not heard in other rooms so I can work and study without disturbing anyone.
External noises do not enter, in fact I can’t hear knocking on the door, or the intercom, lol, I’m gonna have to devise some system or ring light, because I get into my insulated booth and I do not hear anything.
I use it mainly to study and prepare repertoire, I am a professional musician and work a lot in different situations, I travel a lot so having it at home is perfect to get more time, because every week I have a different schedule and other free time.
In Madrid you can lose a lot of time trying to park. Rehearsals, if you have a fixed group like myself, can be quite expensive, which is why for me this is the best investment...
I also use it as a laboratory for testing ideas, or different sound sets, I've had some band rehearsals and I plan to make it bigger soon to rehearse with bigger bands.
I also use it to teach at home and I'm thinking about doing online classes very soon.
The truth is that I spend nearly all day at home in it and I use it with good musical equipment."

Biography Miguel A. Benito.
Born in Burgos Miguel began playing classical percussion at 14 and drumming at 17. He began playing professionally in different groups; rock, blues, orchestras, etc. At 17 he established himself in Madrid where he currently resides. He got a BA in Jazz from the conservatoire of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and a year "Performance Studies" scholarship from Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has studied privately with drummer Dan Weiss, Martin Andersen, Arturo Garcia, Carlos Carli, Peter Erskine, etc and also Tabla Hindu with Nanta Kumar in Madrid. He has participated in numerous projects of all kinds of music, from touring with the legendary Chicago Blues Eddie C. Campbell, performances in musicals with the company Cre-art. He has accompanied many jazz musicians including: Abdu Salim, Dan Rochlis Carlos Barreto, Vocalesse, Tony Heymer, Federico Lechner, Concha Buika, Ximo Tebar, Ester Andujar, Roman Filiu, Israel Sandoval, Toño Miguel, Borja Barrueta, Manuel Machado, Jerry Gonzalez, Antonio Serrano, Ariel Bringuez, Yaniv Nactchum, Cesar Latorre Doug Murro, Bobby Martinez, Paul Martin, Horacio Icasto, Miguel Blanco, Doug Munro, José Manuel Illera, Andre Matos, Miguel Fernandez, Demian Cabaud, Leo Genovese, Chema Sainz, Daniel Yakaré, Martin Leiton, Walter Beltrami, Victor Correa, Andy chango, Juan Galiardo, Guianni Gagliardi, David Gonzalez, Natalia Calderon, Nicole Henrry, Peter Weaver, Yelsy Heredia, Pepe Rivero, Toni Mora, Albert Vila, Vistel Brothers, Yul Ballesteros among others. He also participates in several projects of original music with guitarist Marcos Collado, the Argentine guitarist Hernan Hock, Basque bassist Ander Garcia with whom he has recently recorded for Errabal, the swing and blues group Gatos Bizcos and Toni Mora Trio, etc. .

Miguel Benito Music

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Calle La Venta, 2.
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CP 28880 Meco. MADRID. España
Tel: +34 918307209
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