Soundproof Booths

DEMVOX™ Sound Isolation Booths are designed to control emissions of audio in general, greatly reducing any sound, achieving the professional isolation necessary to practice, study and record voices and musical instruments.

Thanks to DEMVOX™ Modular System (Configurable system pieces together) you will have the soundproof space that best suits your needs.

Our fastening system through screws and metal bushings provides a solidity and robustness unique in the market. Each layer vibrates independently of the other, thanks to the silentblock system used between layers and the absorbent materials that separate them. This provides a great insulating capacity for all frequencies. 

We manufacture portable soundproof booths from 2001.
Registered trademark, patents and utility models for all products.

Uses & Applications

If you have the need to soundproof a room or studio and have had plans for acoustic refurbishment, here you have a more economical solution with all the benefits you need for any application:

Recording of musical instruments and voices.
Practice and study of music.
Audiovisual recording and editing (sound, video, cinema, tv...)
Music academies and institutions.
Sound & Audiovisual schools.
Work and study rooms. Online classes. Online courses.
Gaming rooms.
R&D, Sound test, laboratories ...
Communication and telephony.
Broadcasting, voice over.

Control sound like you've always dreamt

Our products


ECO Soundproof booths: designed for the study and recording of voices and musical instruments, locution, musical and audiovisual production, and in general for any activity in which it is necessary to have an isolated and acoustically treated space. They offer an exclusive design of configurable panels and supports to form your ideal cabin, as well as a series of accessories that will allow you to optimize their performance to the maximum.
More information about the model ECO


DV soundproof booths: They are designed to significantly reduce any sound while achieving good acoustic response and professional isolation. Providing the optimal space to practice, study and record voices and musical instruments, for dubbing, sound checks and various audiovisual applications. They are also designed to control noise in residential, office and industrial use. The DV structural system is versatile and robust, with models suitable for most spaces and heights. With its double outside layer and floating structure, it is the most professional and reliable solution developed to meet the highest demands. Tested by customers in all sectors.
More information about the DV model


AMP Boxes: They have been designed to meet the needs of recording the air of guitar amps. AMP models allow sufficient time for miking any combo amp on the market, even placing the microphone perpendicular to the speaker position. It has an internal floating base system that significantly reduces impact noise produced by low frequencies.
More information about the AMP model

The great advantages of our products

Configuration Options & Available Heights

DEMVOX ™ soundproof booths are modular, so in addition to being able to create an infinite number of available sizes, there is the possibility of configuring each piece in the position that best suits your needs.
In this way, the door, window, cable glands, ventilation, etc. can be placed in any available position.

Naturally, you can also add more windows, choose the opening side of the door, place windows on the roof, or use panoramic windows. In the model ECO you can add extra height in any model of +344mm. And in the DV model, it is possible to choose between several heights, in sections of +228mm (and a low height of -228mm).

Durability, Maintenance & After-sales

Thanks to the quality of the materials we use in our cabins and the acoustic felt finish, the product has an extremely long service life. The felt finish provides unique acoustics both inside and outside, as well as providing protection against bumps and scratches when handling, moving, transporting and installing each module.

Great durability over time: the product remains in optimal condition over the years.
Low maintenance costs: our cabins have practically no maintenance costs.
Retrofitting: the booths adapt perfectly to new projects, extensions or reductions in sizes to adapt to a new space, change in height, etc.
Post-sale: taking into account the above points, one of the great advantages we obtain is the great ability to recover the initial investment if a project is completed and the products need to be sold. When planning a project, this option to recover the capital invested in cabins is very important, and in our cabins it can be around 80-85%. DEMVOX also offers disassembly, transport and installation for all customers who need to move or expand their cabin. Also in second-hand sales. 

Expandable & Reducible, Forever

Our cabins can be expanded at any time, achieving a larger space and adapted to the needs of each moment.

It is also possible to add any extra element: extra windows, additional cable glands, doors, panoramic windows, special platforms, shelves, acoustic panels, bass traps, etc.

In DV models it is also possible to modify the total height, making the cabin lower, or higher in 228mm sections.

Of course, it is also possible to reduce the size, or even obtain several small cabins of a larger cabin (by adding the necessary panels such as the door and ventilation). DEMVOX offers each item for sale separately to meet the demand of any project.

DEMVOX Convertible ECO Model fee

The more weight, the more insulation

Demvox has the most professional products on the market, with quality and effectiveness widely verified by thousands of customers for more than 20 years. 

In this sense, one of the aspects to take into account when purchasing a soundproof booth is weight.
The quality of a soundproof booth and its insulation come from the design, the materials used and, specifically, the mass of these elements. The more mass, the better it will combat and reduce the most difficult and powerful frequencies, such as low frequencies. And of course, in this aspect, our cabins are still enormously efficient due to the mass (total weight) that each cabin has. Therefore, it is a very important fact to take into account when purchasing a professional soundproof booth.

It will also be important to take this total value into account in order to install the cabin safely in your building, since the weight must be taken into account, but it is widely supported by all residential buildings, offices, companies, etc. since they were designed to support weights greater than these.
However, if you have any questions about this matter, you can contact us and we will provide you with further information.

You can check this information in each technical sheet of each model. 

Portability & Installation by Own Customer

All our models are easy to transport, install and uninstall as many times as necessary and in the place that is necessary for each project. (We recommend that the first installation of the DV model be carried out by our technical service, or through online advice.) 

With our patented fastening system by means of screws and metal bushings, the modules can be installed safely, guaranteeing the ideal pressure to prevent leaks or areas where sound can flow. Each layer is attached independently of the other, and the whole set of different layers are coupled in the structure through silentblocks and insulating materials, which allows an ideal operation to combat medium and severe frequencies.

The clamping system also provides our soundproof booths with a solidity and robustness unique in the market. 

High-quality, handcrafted cabins

Our company is characterized by offering a human and personalized treatment to each client. We like to treat each one of you in a special way, solve all your doubts and give you all the information that is necessary so that the customer can make the best purchase decision.

We have the same treatment from the inside with our cabins, from the first cuts to the final finishes revisiting the felt... we do everything and check it with great care and affection, each one of our employees being key pieces in each process. In each cabin travels all our enthusiasm to continue growing, and all of them are our hallmark and our best advertising in any country in the world. 

We are pleased to have 100% satisfied customers, and we will continue to offer all our Know-How to our customers. 

The great advantages of our brand

Technical Service & Transportation

We offer customers the most practical and safe option for transportation and installation of the purchased product. Because some sound booth models have a precise fastening system, the DEMVOX™ Technical Service will be responsible for conducting this process only for the initial installation, by ensuring proper leveling of the ground and optimizing the fitting of all parts and panels.

We send our cabins to practically all countries in the world by land and sea, and we also go to the facility if the client requires it.

Technical Service and Transportation Service

Development & Creation of Projects

We provide our clients with all the information necessary for their project, and we carry out the adaptation of the project in 3D format at no cost.

In this way, our clients can realistically see the options available for their new premises, office, study, room, wooden shed, terrace, etc. On these plans, the total measurements, available spaces, margins, heights, door openings, windows, ventilation elements, lighting, etc. can be appreciated.

If you have a project in mind, do not hesitate to send us your plan and we will send you the available options that suit you best.

3D Project Development and Creation Service

DEMVOX 5 Year Warranty

DEMVOX ™ offers its customers a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase, and will repair or replace any defective parts or materials damaged due to shipping issues. All our products are methodically controlled and supervised before each shipment.

Demvox - Cabin Manufacturers - 2 year warranty

Thousands of customers have already trusted demvox sound isolation booths

Model Volume Experience ECO200

Volume Test. This video belongs to the last ClarinetFest fair held in Conde Duque de Madrid, Spain. In it we can see a sound check inside the cabin ECO200. Both audio and images are RAW and UNEDITED after recording.

Volume Experience Model DV500

Volume Test We have recorded a video in which you can see and hear the on-site operation of one of our models of soundproof booths: the DV model. In particular, the soundproof booth DV500-R (Reinforced), a user-type video camera, and a TYPE II sound level meter have been used. Both audio and images are GROSS and have no subsequent EDITION.

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