¿What features make DEMVOX cabinets different?
We have a patented assembly system, which allows cabins of variable size in sections of only 228mm. In addition, we can configure different heights. The versatility of our booths is unique.

¿How many sizes do I have?
Our modules can be placed in such a way that we can form cabins of all sizes, adjusting to the sections. From 1m2, to more than 40, 50m2…with different proportions of width, length and height.

¿Can I choose different heights?
Yes, we have heights in sections of 228mm (extra height 1, 2, 3, 4...)

How do I find out my ideal model?
On our website you can find the main differences between models, and the characteristics of each of them. Contact us for more details and we will advise you throughout the process. We also prepare realistic technical and 3D drawings included in the free advice.

Can I choose the position of doors, windows, etc. according to my needs?
Yes, all the elements can be placed in different places, adapting to the needs of each moment. The same cabin can be modified in terms of the position of each element, as many times as necessary in each new installation.

Where can I see and try a DEMVOX cabin?
Our factory and showroom is located in Meco, Madrid Spain). We also have many spaces where you can see and try our cabins around the world. Tell us where you live and what product you are interested in and we will inform you of the closest place.

How do I purchase the product?
You can contact us via email, telephone or directly at our factory. You have different payment methods such as transfer or credit card (authenticated secure payments: Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCoof, J-Secure...).

How long will it take to receive it?
The delivery time is usually around 25-30 days. However, this varies depending on the model, size, place of shipment or installation, etc. In more voluminous products, the time may be increased.

¿Send worldwide?
Yes, we ship to all countries where there is a safe international commercial activity, by sea.

¿How will I receive the product?
The product is shipped palletized and protected with our boothguard or reinforced packaging. This packaging is closed with screws, and can be stored.

¿Can I install the product myself? How long will it take?
Models ECO They are designed for easy installation by the customer, by means of an instruction manual. The model ECO100 can be installed by two people in the order of 3-4 hours in total, counting on previous measurements, site preparation, arranging pieces, leveling, checking, and details such as wiring, ventilation, etc.

The DV models are made up of more complex modules, so they do not have a manual and are generally installed by our technical service. Although we offer clients who want to carry out the installation online advice to guide them in the process and also be able to install this type of models by themselves.

All our models are installed completely from the inside, not being necessary to access from the outside if this is not possible.

How much space is necessary to leave between the cabin and the walls of the room?
The ideal is 10-15cm of space between the cabin and the wall. In case you have to make the most of the space, the minimum should be around 3cm. Keep in mind that some buildings are not completely vertical on their walls, so it is important to plan and level before installing, as there may be areas where contact occurs.

What tools will I need?
Allen bit 4 and 5mm
PH2 Phillips bit
Allen key 6mm
19mm wrench
cup for tips
electric screwdriver
Laser level (optional but recomended)

How many times can I install and uninstall the product?
As many times as necessary. The system is fixed through bushings and metal screws.

Do you offer installation service?
Yes, we offer this service to all our products.

What materials are used in the cabins?
The booths are made of MDF wood, absorbent acoustic material, fireproof felt, acoustic foam, glass, metal and plastic. We use EU certified, non-toxic and asbestos-free materials.

How does the ventilation work?
Our patented air system is actively powered by an ultra-quiet external motor. The cabins have two modules or ventilation panels: one for the entrance, and another for the exit. Both modules have a labyrinth shape inside, managing to attenuate any incoming or outgoing sound.

How do I run different cables through the cabin?
All our cabins come standard with the special cable entry module with hermetic door with adjustable screw. The inlet mouth is 80mm in diameter. Once the cables have passed, the lid can be closed, achieving a complete seal. If cables need to be added or removed, it simply re-opens and closes later.

Can I use the product with any voltage?
Yes, the electrical elements are adapted to all voltages, and we ship the cabin with the compatible plugs for each country.

Can the weight be a problem for the floor of my premises, office or home?
The weight of these products is high, since it is a characteristic strictly related to the quality of insulation. The more mass, the better it will perform in terms of insulation. It does not imply any risk in regularized buildings and in good structural condition. It is only necessary to take precautions and carry out a study in very old buildings, with wooden beams, or that are not in a correct state of conservation.

What is the guarantee of the products?
We offer a 5-year warranty from receipt of the product.

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