Financing 24 months 0% interest
(exclusive for Spain)

financing office booths
Shipping included all over europe

Does not include reshipments, taxes or added import costs. 
Maximum coverage of the promotion of up to 10% of the total amount of the product.


Please read this page carefully and fill in the quote form that you will see below. We will reply with a quote in 24-72 hours. 

Remember that if you need us to advise you on your project, we are at your disposal to help you:

Please fill in as much information as possible: in order to send the quotes we need to know the complete DELIVERY / INSTALLATION address (post code, street, number, floor height, etc.) in order to verify the delivery by truck.

If you need to calculate the space and know which model is the most suitable or where to place each element of the cabin (doors, windows, ventilation, cable glands, etc.), send us an email to and attach an exact plan to scale, or a freehand sketch with the most accurate measurements possible both in width, length and height of the ceiling. It is also important to take into account the particularities of the place of installation: location of windows, doors, heating, columns, type of floor, etc.

If you need to contact us for any other reason, do it in our Contact Form or by mail to or call us at +34 91 830 72 09.

Shipping Worldwide

Land and sea transport
Shipping included throughout Europe

Reinforced wooden box with pallet base:
Standard measures: 1200x1360x1650mm.
Weight: 600kg.

Soundproof booth packaging

DEMVOX Technical Service

It is responsible for initial installation, modifications and subsequent transfers.

soundproof booths installation service


We will respond with a quotation with postage to your location (for quotes outside the European community often necessary 48 hours or more to have it available, because the inquiries to find out the shipping charge take longer. Many thanks for your patience.

If you have trouble sending the form, send an email to:

KZ models, ECO and AMP

Installation offered by Demvox or installation by the client himself

By mounting instructions.
Maximum weight of piece: 45kg.
Maximum weight of piece placement 2 meters high: 39kg.
User mounting difficulty level:
ECO100 but also ECO250 and model AMP: Difficulty easy.
ECO300  but also ECO850: Difficulty easy / intermediate.
Assemblers needed: 2.

The difficulty of assembly may be affected by not taking into account the correct leveling of the ground or the bearings of the booth.
In case of not having the necessary conditions recoWe advise the customer to purchase the Demvox installation service or from a professional fitter close to his home.

DV models

Installation offered by Demvox or installation by the client with Online Support

Since these cab models have a precise fastening system, our technical service will take care of the initial installation, or if this is not possible, the option of installing the product is offered by the customer. Demvox offers a documentation with initial indications. Later the cabin can be disassembled and assembled by the customer or a professional assembler.

Conditions for installation:
Easy downloading and accessibility for packages in the place of installation.
Floor clean and smooth.
Leave enough room for the pieces off the surface to fill the booth (30% of m2 model)
Lighting and electrical outlet.
User mounting difficulty level: intermediate.
Minimum assemblers required: 2.


DEMVOX™ offers customers a guarantee of 5 years from the date of purchase, and will repair or replace any defective parts or damaged materials due to incidents on shipping. All our products are monitored and methodically checked before each shipment.

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