Javier Ramallo

DV130 Voice-Over
Javier Ramallo. Canal Extremadura TV / SOUND.

"These boothss have proved us a very suitable solution. From quick and easy installation, adequate size and sufficient capacities for proper acoustic recording of voice-overs for all of our content. The booths are located in the middle of the editorial department in a strategic position for use by all the writers and editors who need it. The average usage is 700 phrases per month.

They are equipped with the technology needed for them to be used independently by the editors using a touch screen to proceed with the recording easily, and likewise can serve for assisted recordings since both have a foldback mixer that enables communication with the announcer from different parts of the infrastructure, from the sound control to the various rooms of EDNL and POST-PRO.

All audio recorded in the booth undergoes a process of self-levelling based on sound (EBU R128). "

Canal Extremadura is the regional TV community channel of Extremadura. It is a young television channel as it has only been going for 7 years. The headquarters is located in Merida where, among other things, all news programs are produced.

WEB tv.canalextremadura.es


Calle La Venta, 2.
P.I. Neinor Henares. Edificio 1, Nave 6.
CP 28880 Meco. MADRID. España
Tel: +34 918307209
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